Off and Running


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Welcome to the first entry as we chronicle our journey to the other side of the world.  I am new at blogging so modifications may be made to this site along the way!

We left our temporary home with friends in Ohio on May 21st, after many hours of packing, shipping 6 suitcases to California, and loading what was left into the van as we begin our journey to see family and loved ones before we leave the US for the next two years.  It was the first big departure after weeks of saying good bye to our friends in NE Ohio where we had lived for the last nearly ten years.  First stop was Dayton, to spend time with B’s family over Memorial Day, and celebrate Mom’s retirement after 20 years of school nursing.  Then we drove through the hills of Kentucky, where B paintballed in the forest with old friends and the kids played with a household of 8 kids, 7 dogs, 13 cats and innumerable tadpoles.

The next day found us in North Carolina, where Lu fell on a bed and got his arm stuck behind him.  Three rounds of x-rays later at the Children’s Hospital, a fracture was confirmed and he had to get a cast.   The dilemma?  We are boarding a plane in less than 3 weeks, and it could pose challenging to get the cast off as soon as we arrive in Asia.   A plaster cast was placed, which can be removed by getting it wet.  Of course this means the little guy will not be able to swim or take real baths for a while.   I did discover tonight that a blue diaper disposal bag is the perfect size to tie over the arm while washing him down.   He is just as happy as before, and has already learned modified ways of opening doors, feeding himself and climbing up on things and wanting to jump down.  I also found out (inadvertently!) that he is capable of crawling up stairs holding several toys in his good hand and using his casted arm to support the stairclimbing.

Come back soon when I get some photos posted!


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  1. I would like to sing “I can only imagine….” but really I cannot even begin to imagine what you are all doing!!! I “laughed” so hard over the thought of 50 kids in line to get their ears pricked with a razor blade—-and how that would translate to a day at CHPA Ellet! T.V. couldn’t create a story with this much fun….I’ll anxiously await hearing more!

  2. What a wonderful adventure! How easy it is for me to say that comfortable on my couch typing here in Ohio! Your friend has blessed the children with some beautiful, graceful and blessed names- they reflect their characters and futures! Did you also receive Chinese names? Inquiring minds want to know! If so, what are they? Will check back soon- shopping for fun stuff to send-take care!

  3. Hello dear friends!!!! What an experience moving to another country! Love your stories and the buying the mattress was a hoot….had me laughing along with imagining you being quarintined and then the long lines awaiting the childrens shots for school. I think of you all often.

  4. You know your in the right place when things start going wrong, if you know what I mean. The pictures bring back such good memories of China, the people are precious.
    thanks for all your news, your in our thoughts.

    Darryl and Judi

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