First Day of School for the Girls


Sofia's class doing group ring activites on the playground-first dayHope is a bit bashful-her teacher is very kind    S’s class starts the day on the playground doing group ring activities



H is a bit bashful, but her teacher is very kind




The girls have really enjoyed their first 3 days of school this week.  The first order of events was to get Chinese names for them.  Mama emergently called a friend at 10 pm the night before to ask her advice, and she and her husband helped us come up with wonderful meaningful names.   

S is now known at school as   “Hou Ya Hui” which means “Elegance and Wisdom.” 

H is called “Hou Meng Yuan” which means “Dream Fulfilled.”

L will go by “Hou Lu Ming” which means “His Road is Bright.” 

Meng Yuan has learned to count to ten on her fingers the Chinese way, and Ya Hui has made at least 6 new friends AND learned to say her Chinese name! 


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  1. Do you always say both names: Ya Hui? Why does each kid have two word first names? Does Hou stand for your last name? I know…lots of questions…but I HAVE to get names right. Remember “Queenlet”? Glad you took the time to ask someone…lol.

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