4th of July–Americans in Asia


We hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July celebration with family and friends–we sure did over here!  A few friends gathered and between all of us we  brought hamburgers (c00ked on the stove) and long skinny hotdogs on kaiser-type rolls, potato salad (yum yum), baked beans, cumin, tomato and Sichuan BBQ flavored potato chips, and a holiday-themed pudding/cake/pie with blueberries and cherries to make the flag.  DiDi (Little Brother) screamed after we refused him about the 6th glass of orange soda.  The kids had fun on the playground and at dusk (in the rain) we set off sparklers leftover from the Chinese new year celebration a few months ago.  When we got caught in the rain again for the second time in 2 days on our bike ride home, we resolved that we really do need rain ponchos as a top priority…The next day our family took a paddle boat ride on the river that runs through the park near our apartment building, which the girls had been begging for every day since we arrived at our new home.  We had told them we would go on a special day, and that day had arrived. 

 Happy Birthday America!


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