A Quick Run to the Store


So our brand new phone quit working within about 10 days after being purchased, and we need a house phone to order more water for the water cooler every few days.   We finished dinner and Papa thought he’d take a “quick” bike ride to the walmart-esque store 10 minutes away and pick up a phone and a couple more extension cords.  [The extension cords are absolutely essential, since we have about 1 outlet per room, and it’s maybe located high up near the ceiling, or behind a heavy piece of furniture.]  I had some doubts about it being quick, for any number of reasons, but… so Mama gave the kids baths in our red plastic loaner tub (nope–no bathtub yet, but we will let you know when that happens!), we cleaned up the polly pockets and started bedtime rituals.   About an hour after he left, we hear the door open and things dropping with a clatter.   Well, the good man had come home, not only with two telephones (one is for the MagicJack we are trying to install) and extension cords, but also a large whiteboard, 3 folding chairs and a few other odds and ends! 

Now we have already discovered that a great number of large, bulky and awkward things are often transported by bicycle here, so Papa was working on integrating into the culture.    While he was at the cash register waiting to pay, a lady took pity on him and brought a cart over, since he had to ride a couple of escalators and go through some corridors before getting out to the bike parking area.   He put the folding chairs and whiteboard on the back child seat, the other things in the front basket, and began the trek home with one hand steadying the items in back since there were no bungee cords to tie down the load.  He was wearing a backpack containing an umbrella in case it rained, since we are a bit paranoid about our getting-caught-in-the-rain adventures.   Although–we could only imagine how he would have tried to hold an umbrella for that trip.    He almost lost the load when swerving to avoid a couple of girls meandering along the densely populated sidewalks, and had fun getting the whole contraption up, across and down a pedestrian bridge that crossed the 8 lane highway.  Upon trying to disembark from the bike back in our own courtyard, he lost control of the load and the whole schpiel went clattering all over the sidewalk, and the bike as well.   He managed to stay upright, and  suddenly heard a voice say in perfect English, “Did you buy too much?!”  It was a friendly neighbor from the 7th floor who helped him haul everything into the elevator so he could get upstairs without any more mishaps.  


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  1. i like the pictures– it seems to me it would be simpler to pull rather than push the carts on the bicycles as shown– you all are really roughing over there sounds like– how hard is it to acquire a car over there?

  2. Hi preciou ones. Dad and Mom are finally able to figure out how to receive this infor via computer, and of course we have smiled, felt for you all in the various circumstances, and enjoyed the fantastic journeys each day seems to bring. This should be in book form. Unique times of ouch and laughter. HUGS!!!!!
    Love: Dad and Mom/ Grandpa and Grammy

  3. Each part of your sharing of experiences cause a variety of emotions for us all. You all are entering not only the school of language, but of seeing the joy in new and old friends!
    Thanks for the smiles and etc.
    Love Dad/ Grandpa and Mom/ Grammy

  4. Hey! My Mac is now bookmarked with the blog…so thanks. It feels good to be totally up to date with you after our Skype session today.

    This is going to be okay! So happy about technology. It makes it all so much easier.

    I’m thinking about you all today…language learning…logisitics of living in that environment…de-stressing opportunities for you and Brian and the kids. Deepest love to all of you.

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