Those Most Vulnerable

A little guy placed into emergent foster care just a few days ago: he is 5 months old

A little guy placed into emergent foster care just a few days ago: he is 5 months old

On a more serious note, I had the chance to visit with some of our partners involved in the orphanage and foster care work here this week, at both ends of the spectrum.  

I had a meeting with HM, who has been a presence since the early days in 2002, when they began seeing children at the principal orphanage in this city and later expanded their scope to more outlying areas.  We heard about some of the successes, as well as challenges, with children who were rescued into foster homes and later adopted into families. 

Fostering a child is truly giving of yourself–you risk learning to love and care for a child that you have no guarantee of keeping in your family for the long term…

…Yet, it is such a gift to a child who has lived his entire little life laying on his back, with perhaps no response to his cries in the night, and minimal stimulation— who has learned to console and entertain himself internally by rocking, headbanging, moaning, or maybe only stares vacantly into the wall.  

Although some orphanages are better than others, they are certainly a vacant substitute for what a child needs as much as food and shelter:  love and nurturing.   Decades of data show that even a previously healthy child will rapidly fall below the norms for growth, IQ, and healthy social interaction, and the longer she stays there, the lower the likelihood of complete recovery.  

Our passion and vision is to see ALL the children in the orphanages here be placed into foster homes.   

We are called by Him  to show compassion and love to those least able to defend themselves, in the same way we care about our own flesh and blood!  

We may never see the end result, but that doesn’t mean we can justify silence or inactivity because we’re too busy.  We all have a role wherever we are placed, to reach out to those in our circle of influence who are neglected and rejected. 

What do you see happening around you, when you truly take a minute to look?


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