Studying Hard

Papa and Isaac are working on writing characters

Papa and Isaac are working on writing characters

Medical terms

Medical terms

Ma!   (=horse)

Ma! (=horse)

Ma too (=horse)

Ma too (=horse)

 Our big goal is to become much more proficient in Mandarin Chinese–it seems like a lofty, unattainable goal some days but we are chipping away at it!  

Every day Papa goes to school from 830-1130, and every afternoon Mama goes from 1-4 pm.  We also are meeting regularly with a tutor during our half day at home.  

We are also meeting our neighbors in the courtyard, in the parks, in the markets, and anywhere we stop for more than 3 seconds there is ample opportunity for conversational practice!  

The girls go to the neighborhood kindergarten every day from 8-12 where no English is spoken.They are enjoying playtime in the school playground most afternoons, where they are beginning to play more and interact with their classmates outside of class.  

We are still very much in the beginning stages, but our motivation lies in being able to communicate on a deeper level with our new friends in this country rich with history and culture so different from our previous experiences.  

Zai jian!

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  1. Doesn’t look like Sofia has lost any teeth yet! What happy,cheesy grins…so glad to see everyone looking happy!

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