It All Starts So Innocently


DSCN8601 (Small)

What could be more typical for a family visiting Beijing than to take a trip to the famed Tiananmen Square?  And pose in front of the famous monuments, such as the Memorial to the People’s Heroes?  Well, when they are under 2, many things are much more typical…

DSCN8604 (Small)

Well, for one, posing for family pictures with a multitude of strangers.  We must be on a million cell phones and Chinese versions of Flicker by now.  

DSCN8616 (Small)

You’d think people would be more interested in the purpose of the visit–to check out Mao’s Memorial Hall (seen in background).

DSCN8624 (Small)

Little Lu Ming obviously was not so interested in the cool statues of the Heroes of the People as in the rocks underfoot.

DSCN8621 (Small)

He and Ya Hui found pilfering flowers from in front of Mao’s tomb to be much more satisfying…

DSCN8610 (Small)

The guard wandering by, however, did not.  So we reprimanded the chilren and promptly left.


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  1. The kids are getting so big and I love the look on Lukas face in the above picture. I can see why he got his picture taken so much!!!

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