One of THOSE Days…


Yes Wednesday was a day I’d rather forget for a long time.  I’m sufficiently recovered to make mention of it, just so you know our life is not always rosy and touristy and cozy… 

The facts: 

1)  We were told via numerous (indecipherable to us) signs and a few English speaking neighbors that water to the whole community would be shut off starting at 8 am, so we made sure that every empty trash can, mixing bowl and wash basin and bathtub were filled with water.  So all the bathrooms and kitchen space was taken up by such items.

2)  They called to say kids’ school was closed for the next 3 days due to H1N1 flu illness

3)  In the midst of emptying out the sink after doing dishes, the plumbing underneath fell apart and flooded all the bottom cabinets and floor with water that was disgusting to clean up

4)  We thought we would walk to the nearby US consulate to take care of some business–all three kids screamed in tandem the entire way there and most of the way back with rarely a reprieve.  Little DiDi because he wanted 6++ month pregnant mama to carry him, and the girls because they wanted me to push the stroller simultaneously. 

5)  Mama had a bad respiratory virus that made everything look a little more bleary and sniffly overall.

BUT the good news: 

It’s Saturday!

The water was never shut off!

We hope the plumbing stays put for a while…

They all stopped screaming!

So the only unfinished business?  I’m still pregnant for another 9-10 weeks….RSCN8840 (Small)


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