Wedding Bliss


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We went to a wedding recently.  We were invited on Monday, for a Sunday wedding to celebrate two residents at the family practice program getting married.  It was definitely an honor to be invited, and we promptly pumped our language teacher for advice on what to expect. 

Regarding dress:  Don’t wear yellow–it is a color associated with pornography in certain contexts.  Ok to dress up, but guys, don’t wear a tie–you don’t want to outshine the groom! 

Regarding gifts:  Bring cash.  There will be little red envelopes on all the tables at the reception, and you put in a specific amount (appropriate range was discussed), write a note, and give it to the couple as they go around to tables and greet the guests.

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Most weddings take place early in the day, and in general the couple goes to the courthouse for their documents alone, and then all the guests show up at the restaurant.  In this case, the couple chose to have their wedding at an official church, which started at 10 am.  Songs were sung, a message was given, and the bridal couple bowed to both sets of parents at the conclusion of the ceremony. 

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The bride often will get up at 3 am to begin getting ready, and will change her outfit multiples times during the reception, usually at least once into a red dress.  Red symbolizes good luck. 

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The reception was held at a German beer garten-Brazilian steakhouse-themed restaurant, with a Chinese buffet and BBQ meats, innards and hearts delivered to your table on skewers by waiters dressed in Alp knickers and waitresses serving up in dirndls.  The buffet was a good reminder that lines are nonexistent around these parts….Basically grab a plate (or 3, if you have several young kids), expect  a few jabs in the back by fully loaded plates, and shove your way to the food.  Anywhere along the table will do!  Those who wait patiently for their turn will go hungry!  

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We are strong believers in marriage, and it was great to witness this couple’s public committment to God and each other.


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  1. I still can’t believe that you are living this whole separate, new, different, completely different!!!! life without us! We miss you terribly!

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