Family Practice Faculty Planning Retreat


We had a one and a half day planning retreat with the recently expanded faculty of our training program on Friday and Saturday–much needed since 4 of the 6 of us are new here in the last 9 months, and 1 just returned from being gone for a year. 
It was a great opportunity for all of us to see each other face to face in the same room for the first time (although we have had regular web-based meetings over the past year). 

The group spent time sharing each person’s strengths, interests, and goals and dreams that they are bringing to the program, and learning more about each other outside of the clinical setting.  We discussed administrative, clinical and educational issues relating to resident training in family medicine in this country. 

I think everybody left the planning sessions feeling very encouraged about the potential for growth and training dynamic Chinese residents in addressing the needs of the whole person via excellent medical care.  We are very excited about this trailblazing work!

RSCN8856 (Small)


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