It Seems So Simple #439



We are feeling very Chinese these days. 

A dear friend D who will be in town for the next 6+months stayed with us for her first two weeks before moving into an apartment with some roommates. 

We thought, we’ll help her move her luggage plus stuff purchased here uptown to her place–no big deal…just get a taxi, load it all in, then help her haul it up the 3 flights of stairs (sans lift).  So, what’s the problem?

Well, there was the bike.  The taxis are all the size of Ford Festivas with matching sized trunks–I already found out several weeks ago they would not take 3 kids, a pregnant woman and a kitchen island, no way would they take her bike. 

We tried figuring out different logistics of riding the bike first, riding it later, leaving it at our place, leaving it at the school, without any good solutions.  

Oh yeah, and taxis are pretty scarce right now around our place anyways, since a major road is blocked for a bridge reconstruction project, so we often have to walk a half mile to get a cab.  That scenario not so appealing either:  hauling a bunch of luggage down a bumpy irregular sidewalk, avoiding potholes and waste along the way. 

What about a bus?  Well, all the bus routes are rerouted due to the construction, so no go.  And envision:  3 huge duffel bags, plus minus a bike, some carry on luggage and a partridge in a pear tree all stuffed onto a public bus already filled to the brim with standing room only, riding endlessly before arriving at the final destination, then hauling all the loot down a side street, into the apartment courtyard, around several corners and bends and  finally up the aforementioned 3 flights of stairs.

We don’t have a burro with a cart, which would be the next logical option.

So that leaves–the handy dandy two-child bicycle trailer! 

We were shocked and amazed (although given my dear husband’s past history of cramming an amazing amount of objects into small spaces with the help of ropes, bungee cords and duct tape, we shouldn’t be) that BoLong (aka Husband) managed to fit all the goods onto the bike trailer after supper. 

All the issues with the bike evaporated, and we blissfully smiled after an enthusastic farewell gathering down in the apartment courtyard. The children waved goodbye with white hankies, BoLong and our friend D pedaled away to her new home and hauled all the goods upstairs, and he was back in less than an hour.  Way to be creative!


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