It Seems So Simple #235


These things happen a lot. 

Especially when you don’t have a car of your own and try to make larger purchases at the furniture market. 

Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, BuLong my dear husband went with a very patient local college student to make (hopefully) the last couple of purchases for our apartment.   At last until somthing breaks in a major way…

They ordered a table to be built by a carpenter, and bought an area rug (2 x 2.5 meter) for our living room, so all they had to take home was a rolled up carpet in a plastic bag. 

Well, of course, if you have been reading along, you know that the taxis just don’t take objects that size, so after they failed to recruit a cab, and failed to recruit several bicycle-flatbed-cart wheeled thingies, they realized they were going to have to walk to the main street a couple blocks away and catch a bus. 

WITH a 6+ foot carpet hauled between the two of them.

On a bus packed full of people. 

The bus driver did make them pay an extra person’s fare for the carpet.  I guess, rolled up, it did take up the space of a really really skinny person.  

They actually had to take two buses to get close to our home, and then, due to the previously mentioned bridge being out and rerouting all the buses, the bus turned past the place where they wanted to get off and kept on going in a different direction, without stopping.  So they convinced the driver to stop ASAP, which he did. 

Still hauling that gorgeous rug, they plodded across the rickety bridge (I really do have to get a picture of it), then paraded through the park along the river for about 1/2 a mile until they got to our place and took it up to the 14th floor. 

At least it fit in the elevator.


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