In Lieu of Traditional American Fall Images…


We present:  drying vegetables. 

DSCN9180 (Small)

And I mean, VEGETABLES. 

DSCN9181 (Small)

You know fall has hit this northern city when the doorways, window sills, rooftops, and sidewalks are covered with piles of drying cabbage and leeks. 

DSCN9182 (Small)

A few other selections are seen occassionally, but the big picture is cabbage, cabbage, cabbage. 

DSCN9183 (Small)

I have interpreted it as the Chinese version of sauerkraut:  The cabbage is dried out sufficiently, then placed in a ceramic urn with water, salt and garlic to be preserved for 2 or 3 months.  Then you feast on it the rest of the winter, since historically fresh vegetables are harder to get and much more expensive in the colder months. 

DSCN9186 (Small)

These shots were all taken from just the courtyard of our apartment complex, and I haven’t even captured the huge quantity of public sidewalks frequented by bikes, pedestrians and dogs, all covered with leeks and cabbage throughout the city….

DSCN9187 (Small)


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  1. wow Eva, You need to find out what they did in thier gardens to get so much produce! It is something we did not know about here in Ohio. We did, however, know how grow weeds very well didn’t we!

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