Pregnancy Musings


Ok, this tired mom is getting very ready to have a baby! 

Riding my bike in strong headwinds to class is getting harder…as is walking up and down stairs and over to our little market around the corner. 

It really makes me appreciate the minor modern convenience that we don’t have access to regularly anymore:  a car.

Even if a car didn’t cost 3 times as much for the same model, and getting a driver’s licence wasn’t a huge undertaking if you don’t want to pay someone to take it for you…

I would be scared to death to drive a vehicle. 

There’s just too many pedestrians…and bikes…and silent electric scooters…and donkey carts…and hand pulled carts…and meals on wheels (being pedaled around town)…

…and all the parking spaces are on sidewalks that you have to drive and weave through pedestrians to even access. 

So, since I don’t want to kill anyone.  I am HAPPY to not own or drive a car. 

But all the same, I sometimes miss my 2002 red Honda Odyssey with a heater, radio, and car seats for all the kids. 

Especially when it’s sleeting outside.  Or about 15 degrees F with the windchill.  yes.  it’s only early November.  This is just a foretaste (and not of glory divine either).

We will be at the 36 week mark on Friday Nov 6th, and a week later I will be heading to the capital on a train with Lu Ming and some other colleagues heading that way for a training course.   I will stay with a couple who know my dear husband’s family back in the US, and who are eager for grandkids of their own…they are lifesavers and are ready to help out with Lu Ming in case I need to be attended to at the hospital before Papa and the girls make it down.  They will be continuing at school (language school and kindergarten/preschool) until around the due date, then head down here as well. 

We will hopefully have an uncomplicated delivery at a hospital where dads are welcome, where you have the luxury of your own bathroom post partum, and a starbucks around the corner from the hospital…

Around that time we look forward to Oma and Auntie arriving from the US, and will hopefully all board a train back home here in the tundra shortly after the delivery. 

We appreciate all upward thoughts during this time!


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  1. …definitely thinking upward.

    Have you thought about recruiting Ning Deng’s help in some way? Or maybe her mom. It’s a thought…

  2. Thx for keeping us posted! Glad to hear PG is going well. I’m sure your time there and the memories you are making is worth all the inconveniences of not being the USA. I know you don’t doubt for 1 second why you are there! xoxox

  3. at du må sykle. Uff. Det må vere ukonfortabelt, når magen er så stor men det høres ut som om du ikkje har noko valg. Blir du i andre byen fram til fødselen? Er det vestlege leger? Håper dei behandler deg slik du hadde det under Lukas sin fødsel. Hadde han ein fin b-dag? Vel, lykke til med det + all amminga osv mens du prøver å gå på kurs! Får du pumpen tilsendt i posten eller blei du kvitt den? 😉

  4. Many blessings coming your way. I didn’t realize you were that far along with your pregnancy! Wow! I hope all goes well. Is this a boy or a girl or do you even know?

    And no thanks, I’d rather not feast on silk worms either…. I’ll stick with refried beans and complete proteins from non-slimy animals 🙂

    Love you all.

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