Orphan Update


Item 1:

Baby JB in foster care is doing well after his eye surgery about 2 weeks ago. 

His foster parents have rigged a way to keep glasses on his little 8 month head…

Vision testing shows some activity with both eyes–time will tell how his brain manages to interpret the input.

Item 2:  We have been taking a medical team on a weekly basis to HOJ, a place where about 23 children from various orphanages are housed.  These kids are living out of a bedroom and the living room of a residential apartment with the woman in charge, and are cared for by two caregivers on alternating days.  There are immense medical needs that are slowly beginning to be addressed. 

Five infants are less than 6 months and all weigh less than most newborns (under 7.5 pounds).  Three of them have serious congenital heart defects and one has cleft lip and palate.  

Three or four are between 3-8 and have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and are wheelchair dependent. 

One child has myelomeningocele repair with what we suspect is tethered cord syndrome, as well as a chronic bone infection in the foot.  A couple of others have repaired heart defects.  One child has his face covered with burn scars. 

These and all the others have various and sundry developmental and behavioral concerns. 

But they all need more hugs. 

We have been going weekly for the past 5-6 weeks, and the children are beginning to anticipate our arrival. 

When we show up at the door, we are barraged with smiling faces reaching up for a touch or a smile. 

My heart breaks every time. 

There are many issues and concerns and problems and questions that are still unanswered and unaddressed. 

But I have to keep going back.   


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  1. This is heart wrenching. I don’t know how you do it. Like our daughter-in-law who is a hospice social worker. That tears my heart out too, and yet she like you feels called, compelled and empowered.

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