Christmas Jao Zi Style


Last week we attended the Christmas party for our medical organization with which we are volunteers.  It was a fun mix of Western and Chinese traditions.  We met at a restaurant that serves about 459 different kinds of jao zi–stuffed steamed dumplings and filled up a large meeting room with residents, faculty, nursing staff, administrative, non-medical volunteers and some spouses and kids. 

We sang Christmas songs in English and in Chinese, and had a white elephant gift exchange where bags of snickers bars and a triangular rubix cube made the rounds. 

Some of the residents and volunteers had (sort of) practiced a group dance which theyperformed with great gusto, and the real reason we celebrate Christmas was shared with the group.  

As we have been here just over 6 months now, we realize that we are feeling more as a part of the community here, and are so grateful to be here.  We miss our loved ones overseas, absolutely, but definitely believe we are in the right place at this time. 

Merry Christmas to all of you! 


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