On Thin Ice


Since temperatures have mostly been sub-sub-subzero for the past month or more, most things liquid have solidified. 

Such as the river near our home.  And it has become a cool ice skating place, for the daring. 

And even a cool place to take wedding photos, for the hardy.

But beware.  Not all parts of the river are completely frozen over. 

So since we didn’t want to risk a wayward child doing something unpredicatable, we chose to enjoy our Christmas Day ice skating excursion with friends on the nearby soccer fields instead. 

This would be the reason we hesitate to get close to a body of water not completely frozen over…


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  1. I totally admire your strengths and fortitude. But since I rarely see a picture of Brian, I wonder if he is getting too thin and needs some carrots and dip, etc. I went to Tim’s in Texas for Christmas (he was 51 on C. Day) and it was windy and chilly there. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers. joyce

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