Orphan Update


There is a slow trickle of children from the orphanages in the area that are available to be fostered locally, and our medical group is working on ways to facilitate the support for the foster parents as they take in children with a number of special needs.  Several of the children have cerebral palsy, one is blind, and they all need to be loved!   The orphanage here in our city still is not allowing anybody from the “outside” to come in due to H1N1 precautions,  but it sounds like our team will be able to come back in soon if we receive the H1N1 vaccine.  In the meantime, several opportunities to work with other government orphanages and foster facilities in the region are opening up.   The local directors have a good relationship with our organzation, and are eager to have our medical team come in and help assess the children. 

JB has now been in foster care for nearly 6 months, and has been growing quite a bit.  So far he has permission to stay with his foster parents, but that permission may be revoked at any time if it is determined by the powers that be that he’s “ok” and can do fine in the orphanage.  As you may recall, he had his eye surgery a couple of months ago, and was fitted with a pair of handsome glasses.  We are all hoping that he will show improvement in his visual acuity as well as for his overall neurologocial development.  We also hope sincerely that he can stay with his foster family as long as possible, since he would definitely regress if he were to return back to the orphanage.


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