Finally On Our Way!


 D. is a handsome 7 year old fellow who is finally on his way home to his new adoptive country.  After 4 years of waiting, and 21 months where his mum and dad were on 2 separate continents, they finally have finalized all the documents and are nearly ready to go home all together! 

D was found around the age of 2 wandering around a city north of here, and brought to the local authorities.  He was eventually brought to a foster facility in our city, connected with his parents-to-be, and has since received enormous amounts of love to start making up for the lack of it in his early childhood.  He is a delightful boy, speaks perfect English, and enjoys playing with our girls.  We’ll miss you but know that you are going to a much better place–a real HOME! 

Here he is proudly holding the long-awaited letter granting them permission to travel and finalize the adoption.  Yay!


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