Like a Mouse Loves Rice


One of our friends had a birthday last week, which included a couple of hours at a karaoke place nearby.  KTV, as it is called here, is immensely popular for entertainment and I was excited to see how it would unfold.

Private parties rent a room, which includes, microphones, a massive screen and a fairly extensive songlist.

Of course, I could not read and did not recognize any of the Chinese songs, but the English listings included such hits as I Want it That Way, the Titanic theme song, and even YMCA.

We couldn’t resist doing the YMCA dance, of course!  I felt like I was back in the heyday of weddings a few years ago.

I realized that the Chinese songs were a fantastic way to improve my character reading skills, although my reading is still somewhat limited.

I thought it was just me, until someone else told me the song really was saying “I love you the way a mouse loves rice.”

The videos accompanying the songs were quite creative as well.

“We are the Champions” by The Kings (according to the jukebox list) pictured a young couple getting off a plane in northern Thailand and driving a Landrover through rugged terrain to a remote village housing ethnically dressed tribes, all the while embracing each other or bending down to talk to the local children.

We decided that it must be depicting NGO workers as the champions.

In any case, I was challenged to continue to further my study of the Chinese language and culture in such an enjoyable fashion.


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