Culture Notes


Note 1:

A friend received a birthday candle as a gift from another friend, and we stuck it on a dinner roll after lunch so she could enjoy blowing it out.  Note that the candle is actually a central blowtorch that becomes a foot-tall flame upon lighting (that’s why the match is included and about 8 inches long) and each petal has a smaller candle on the tip.  When the candle is lit, the whole thing unfolds in a wonderfully choreographed way to the accompaniment of a tinny-sounding Happy Birthday To You.  The kids really enjoyed the song…for the first 90 minutes until the thing finally died a wailing death out on our patio.

Note 2:

The other day while taking in the baby for a doctor’s visit, we spotted the entire nursing staff of the hospital apparently having their afternoon aerobics class indoors, to lovely traditional music.  This is not the first time we have seen hospital staff exercising en masse–earlier in the fall I spotted a group of nurses, in full uniform, jogging down the street early in the morning.  The irony?   I wonder how much of the cardiovascular benefit is blunted by the hallways and waiting rooms full of smoking patients, staff and doctors.


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  1. We saw the same thing in France – people didn’t seem to have a problem smoking in hospital rooms, etc. Including the doctors…

  2. Thinking of you all. Congratulations on your new addition! As you know, large families are wonderful and make life even more interesting with many wonderful memories to tell in the future as you have family gatherings. We visited a hospital while we were in Russia for our adoptions. It is very interesting how different life is in different countries and cultures. Our love to you all!

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