The Listening Walk


The kids love reading The Listening Walk, which describes all the sounds a girl hears as she and her dad take the dog for a walk.

What kinds of sounds do we hear here?

As we leave our apartment, we hear our neighbor’s wok sizzling for breakfast, lunch or dinner prep.  Mmm.  Smells yummy too, most of the time.

The tri-tone of the elevator as it arrives to our 14th floor.

As we walk onto the street, the horn of a long distance bus as it careens around the corner near our courtyard gate, and we watch a bicyclist narrowly avoid being hit. At least it seems narrowly to us.  I think the traffic rules are different here, somehow.

A dog’s nails clicking on the pavement.  And immediately spotted by my kids, a five-minute performance of various dog barks and yaps by them trying to evoke a response.

Along the sidewalk, a silent motor scooter with a stereo blaring Chinese pop music–with burnt-out subwoofers.

Traditional music accompanying the famous Tai Chi dancers-whether 100 degrees or zero.

A bit further by the park gate, a clear male operatic voice singing with gusto.  This is one of my favorite things about China.  Nobody is afraid to sing!


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