Doctor’s Appointment


Little Yi Di (as she is known in China), just turned two months old!   To celebrate, I took her to see the doctor, as any conscientious parent would.  We went to the resident’s clinic to see Dr. Susan, who will be her primary resident doctor.  When I brought Yi Di in for her newborn visit at about a week of age, she told me she was a little nervous because she had never held a newborn before!  That is one of the main differences in training here compared to our US style resident experience.  Commonly medical students and residents are only allowed to observe, and never have a chance to touch a patient until they are practicing on their own.  I was happy to let her hold Yi Di as much as she wanted.  All 11 pounds of her.

Doctor K is the pediatric attending, a friend I met in the US over 3 years ago, before either of us had any idea we’d end up working together!  We are thrilled to be colleagues, and are really enjoying working to make the resident’s pediatric training as valuable and rewarding as possible.


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