Fireworks Up Close and Personal


Ornamental Lanterns Hang Everywhere

Wow.  Wow!

We were literally blown away–smoked out–shaken up–rattled–by the incredible fireworks in our city on Saturday evening!

It was the eve of the Lunar New Year, and the fireworks started before dark.

Well, it really started several weeks earlier with the occasional firecracker going off nearby and sidewalk stands selling their wares everywhere.

But things really started to heat up more after dark on the 12th, and by 11 pm it sounded like a warzone out there with nonstop dazzling flares in every direction punctuated by sonic booms every minute or two.

We had the panoramic view of the main part of the city from our clothes-drying patio in our 14th floor apartment, which we needed warm sweaters to endure :

And here’s another:

And if we looked out our front living room window or the bathroom, we had sparks hitting our window from the explosives going off literally at eye level (with blackened residue we noted the next day).


If you want video action,  check out my first attempts at posting to YouTube!


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