Ocean View


We spent a week in Hong Kong for some training and enjoying the scenery.

Call me ignorant, or maybe just scatterbrained from trying to chase 4 kids around, but the first big surprise when we emerged onto the street on the HK side of the border was that they drive on the left side of the road!

Yes, the British influence.  This also has significance if you are a pedestrian, we quickly realized.

Forget those rules from childhood about looking to the left first, then the right.  You might get run over in the process!

So we were really impressed with the city, and the weather.  It was in the 70s, which meant:  No long underwear for a week!

The kids actually hit the beach one day with some friends.

We stayed at a YMCA “camp” in the middle of a part of the city, and Mama and Papa escaped for an afternoon while somebody babysat.  We took the double decker bus through some beautiful scenery to the end stop, a little village with a fishing harbor and enjoyed the local smells, sights and tastes.


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