2 Women, 8 kids Travel…


home from Xiamen by plane, while our husbands took a 38-40 hour train ride into central China for another family medicine conference.

I look remarkably sane, don’t you think?

As if we don’t get enough stares when it’s just our own little nuclear family.

Try walking through a small Chinese airport unnoticed with a passel of kids and luggage.

Oh the gasps, oh the snapshots!

Almost as many as at the beach the week before, when 3 of us moms were watching 17 kids.  (some of them belonged to a 4th family, actually).

We are always tempted to say “of course” when asked if they are all ours.

But our kids handle it with their own unique aplomb.

Ya Hui (Biggest Sister)–eager to please, smiles and says Chiezi (means Eggplant), until I tell her it’s ok if she doesn’t want to after which she runs away.

Meng Yuan (Little Big Sister)–if she feel sufficiently bothered, gives a dirty look and proceeds to effectively ignore any attempts at contact.

Lu Ming (Little Brother)–squints up at the Chinese person and laughs or screams depending on his 2 year old mood.

Yi Di (Little Sister)–blissfully ignorant, continues sleeping.

Yes, we are all still adapting to life here in Asia in our own ways.

But I do think we got the better end of the deal, leaving and arriving home on the same day.

They guys got their showers 3 days later.


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  1. Dennis loved Chiezi the way they cooked it. It’s neat to hear how you are all adapting to celebrity life in China. One can see how the four children will be great support for each other. It’s so good to know He makes no mistakes. There certainly are surprises though! : )

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