Fashion Notes


1.  Spiked heels when traveling by plane:  a must (at least if I look around me as we stand at the ticket counter)

2.  Spiked heels on the beach:  a must  (at least if I look around me)

3.  Spiked heels on a bike in the slush:  a must (at least they were boots this time)

4.  Long underwear and flannel pyjamas:  a must here where we live, at least until March 20th

5.  Flannel pyjamas:  a must at the hotel in southern China where there is no heat and temps dip into the 40s at night

6.  Gloves to the elbows and scarves covering the face:  a must in the hottest of summertime to keep from tanning

7.  Cute lacy and pearly sunbrellas to keep the face shaded:  a must in the heat of summer (and not a bad idea, really)

Ok, I’m really starting to hallucinate about summer now.

It’s March 20th, and we just had fresh snow.

Going south for a false spring didn’t help my attitude any coming back to the heart of the permafrost.

And I’m straying from the fashion topic.

Happy Spring, everyone!


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