It Seems So Simple #22


I thought I should describe this very unique, but typical for China, experience before it gets so warm here that I forget what the winter was all about…

Back in January a friend persuaded me to join her and take my 3 kids along with hers to the sledding hill not too far from our house.

No big deal, right?

This sledding hill is a very small mountain that drops off into the river.

They covered it with snow made from snow machines a few times during the cold spells.

As we approached the area, we realized that the path closest to our home to take us to the hill was a little unorthodox.  (the real path was a long detour around some buildings, I still don’t really know where…)

We had to cross a busy road on the pedestrian overpass, then push our bike trailer-strollers through some brush, and past some workmen doing something on the ice.

Then we had to cross the ice, and the workers were all nice and let us go by.

We had a most enjoyable time actually sledding, enjoyed the rustic “lift” up the icy hillside, and the long runoff onto the ice, with the kids stating it was the most fun they’d ever had in their life.

Wow.  That sure made it all worth it!

Ok.  So normally we just retrace our steps to get home, right?
Well, one of the sledding staff walked us down to our stroller-trailers since we had 6 kids under 7 between 2 crazy women.

It’s a good thing, because as we started walking back across the ice, we realized what the workers had been doing.
Putting up a BARBWIRE FENCE.
And we were trapped inside it.
Only one thing to do.
Luckily my friend’s husband just “happened” to show up to see if we needed help getting home.
He helped us all get the kids and ourselves under the barbwire doing the limbo, and the sledding guy lifted the strollers over while we chased the kids before they made it to the main road.

Just another little China adventure.
Come join us for another one soon.


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