Yes, to provide the answer to my previous post.

The couple is modeling toilets together.

Although, I must say, I have not seen that exact version of body function elimination here.
But I think the ad is trying to promote upright toilets, since this is the land of ever increasing new construction.
When you buy a new apartment here, it is often not only unfurnished, but also unfinished.
As in, bare walls, concrete floors, and not much more.
The happy couple buys all the bathroom fixtures, floor tiles, kitchen fixtures.
So this is actually very appropriate, in some ways.

The most common version for public loos is currently the squattie, which in many ways is much more practical for small children.
And of course, we often see the pre-potty trained children often wearing split pants, so when the urge strikes quickly there is no need to pull down and unbutton or unsnap.
Simply lift and tinkle.


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