Earthquake News


As you may know, the devastating 7.1 earthquake that hit Qinghai province in Western China on April 14th has now claimed over 2100 lives, with 12,000+ injured and people still missing. Several of our medical colleagues here traveled to the capital of the province on Monday, only to be prevented from driving out to Yushu, the epicenter for nearly 2 days as security was heightened and the authorities were turning back medical volunteers. By Wednesday evening our team was permitted to travel over difficult roads and mountain passes to arrive at the actual quake site. From what I’ve heard, they have been seeing about 300 patients per doctor per day, and are extremely overwhelmed. The conditions are stark, with tent lodging, cold nights, and high altitudes.

This is not the first time our team has traveled to assist with disaster relief.  Several teams traveled to Sichuan in the aftermath of the 2008 earthquake, as well as to Indonesia last year.

We grieve with the people of China over this new disaster, and will continue to help as we can with advocating for the weak and vulnerable, especially children, and serving the survivors in whatever way possible.   Here on the “homefront”, we do our part by covering for the doctors that are absent, in clinics and academic sessions with the residents.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and encouragement!


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  1. thanks for the update- may you have the strength to carry other’s burdens! btw, I love the food post earlier- it is so true!

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