Exercise Fanatics


I can’t stop being impressed with the diverse kinds of morning gymnastics that abound in the park  below our apartment.

We have the hackeysack groupies:  Small rubber things with 3 feathers attached to one end.

Then there are the badminton players.

Some in heels of course; others in more athletic apparel.

We have seniors rubbing smooth pebbles in their hands.

That’s to keep the brain cells alive, they say.

Folks thumping their backs and shoulders against tree trunks.

That’s for circulation, I think.

We have the aforementioned ballroom dancers, the primal screamers, and plain-ol’ walking backwards folks.

The whipcracker was a new appearance this morning.

And of course, the quintessential Asian activity known in English as Tai Chi, everywhere.

Under trees, along the river bank, beside the closed amusement park rides, in empty parkings lots, you name it.


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  1. The park in Zeng Cheng had two groups of dancers, ballroom and what looked like pop line dancing where more of the younger adults participated. I liked watching the children in the evening with their lighted skates. Enjoy your posts and glimpses of your China adventures!

  2. Hmmmm. We just don’t do that here.

    There is never anyone thumping his back against the tree outside of my dining room window. Ne’er a backwards walker strolls carefully down Leewood. Rarely, if ever, one who rolls small pebbles in his hand to stimulate neural growth.

    We only have dogwalkers armed with plastic bags and runners listening to ipods. Which you well know.

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