Too Late


For the fountains, but not for the splashing in the water left behind.

These beautiful fountains on the university campus have been on about 3 times since we moved in over a year ago, so when I saw them turned on this hot muggy afternoon I thought I’d seize the chance to let the kids put on swimsuits and splash around like we did once last year.

Well we saw them as we hurried down the sidewalk, and by the time we rounded the corner and came through the gate to the plaza, they had just been turned off.

I was sorely disappointed for them, but the kids made it into a fun outing anyway, splashing their way through all the puddles they could find

and as usual, somebody wanted to pose with our kids.

sometimes one or another of them will be semi-cooperative…

My philosophy on photos is: you may take pictures, but don’t expect them to pose for you.  I’m not going to force them.


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