Exercise Revisited


These pics show off some of the nonelectric 4-season outdoor equipment used heavily all day long, but especially between the hours of 4 and 6:30 am.

You will notice people, mostly over age 50, stretching, doing chin ups, leg lifts, sit ups as well as other rhythmic thumping and pounding moves.

But I must say, these folks are hardy.


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  1. I miss you all very dearly,please keep me and my husband in your prayers, Happy Birthday S. We love you all. Our prayers are with you Love the pictures Cliff and Dottie Murton

  2. Eva, today after working (Sat) I took a nice long walk through the allotment behind our office. I was overwhelmed with nostagia for YOU and our many long walks, talks, and some jogging! I felt this meant you may have an urgent prayer need….probably so. But maybe I was just missing my friend!!! I came home and got onto your blog…and missed you some more! So that’s it. Be well my friend—-you left behind so very much fondness! Love, Lois

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