A recent Saturday we participated in a team building retreat with our medical and nonmedical coworkers here.

We filled up two mini-buses with adults and kids and outdoor equipment and headed for the hills.  Literally!

We went to Chee-pan-shan (which means “something-something-mountain”).

That is my preferred method of reading Chinese.
I feel victorious when the known characters outnumber the “something”s on a sign or billboard.

Never mind that I can’t figure out what “ground fragrant vehicle thing so and something green something” means.

Or “rain car up can something drive/open/turn on/start.”

Anyway, the rolling hills are gloriously unpopulated, and we unloaded and headed towards an even more secluded private area behind a restaurant, where we spent the morning singing, listening to a brief talk, and playing softball and frolicking in the shade.

The big kids promptly disappeared in a larger-than-life sized tree house with a myriad of pathways with friends, while the younger set stayed with the parentals.

It was definitely an experience to watch a bunch of totally green Chinese folks wield a bat and glove for the first time.

Team building, aah.


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