Introducing John Deere…


11 months, 3.3 kg and very very hungry.

His foster mother (who already is fostering another baby just over a year old!) picked him up from the orphanage yesterday, and mycolleague evaluated him at the clinic.

He is very weak, but was more alert and looking around this morning.

I went over to their home early today to provide some input on feeding to the foster mother and her househelper, who is helping with the care of the children.

The househelper was petrified to do anything with the baby, afraid that he would die while in her arms, since he is so little and weak.

We had a successful feeding using a 1 cc medicine syringe, and he fell asleep in her arms.

Please think about this little guy throughout your days, since he is critically malnourished and on the borderline of survival.


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