Not the Tractor…


John Deere is now 5 days out of being in the orphanage.

His first few days were with a foster mom already taking care of another orphan who is just over a year old.

She is a single woman teaching at an international school in town.  My hat’s off to her for sacrificially answering the call to care for one of these “least of these.”

Another family cared for him this weekend, and another volunteer brought him to the hospital for a day of lab tests and other exams on Friday.

Even in these first few days of nutritional rehab, offered up with lots of TLC, he has changed.

He is much more alert, he is crying in between feedings to let people know he’s in need, and he has gone from absolutely unable to suck and swallow from a bottle, to eagerly taking a couple of ounces every couple hours.

He still needs a longer-term foster home in the community, so please keep that in your thoughts and prayers.

Here he is hanging out with JB, previously mentioned who had eye surgery some months ago.

JB was as small as John D last August when he was 5-6 months old.


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