Baby Playdate


We had a gathering of the young, with 2 fellas from the orphanage plus our China Surprise in attendance.

The big kids were running around doing their own thing, and occassionally stopping to check in and check out the 3 babies.

All in all 8 kids were floating around this small 3 bedroom apartment.

Like all mothers everywhere, we shared ideas on parenting, development, feeding, and important things like good books to read.

We also helped JB’s mom pack up a bunch of boxes because they are moving to another apartment soon.

As you can see, John Deere is getting cared for by his Mei Mei (“younger sister-friend”) who is bigger than him although 1 month younger.

And JB in the background, who had the eye surgery last year, is getting some one-on-one from his beloved foster Mama.


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