School is Starting


We had a good first week with the girls!

Ya Hui had a big day, beginning at the big primary school in the first grade.

Her teacher is called Tian Laoshi (Mrs. Field), and some of her old classmates from the kindergarten are in her class.

She starts at 8:00 am, all the kids have a water bottle, and I paid for something the first day–not lunch–turns out it was for milk.

They play in the schoolyard during recess, I think they will get uniforms to wear on Mondays, and I pick up at 11:45 with other parents or grandparents who take the kids home for lunch.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people who apparently know that we  have a large family, when I go for pickup.

It’s heightened when I carry China Surprise in the backpack carrier on my bike.

The other kids go back for mostly light subjects in the afternoon–PE, study hall and maybe some other academic subject.

We are planning to homeschool with US curriculum in the afternoons starting in the next week or two after the materials arrive and Ma gets organized.

The guards are in place for heightened security due to the violent incidents that took place last year at kindergartens and schools in several places in China.


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