Demolition? Where?


I was sitting on a parkbench near my language school the other day when suddenly I heard a big crash of smashing glass and tumbling objects.

I looked over to see a building, as so many in our city, marked for destruction to make room for the new and updated, with a settling heap of glass that had been knocked out of some upstairs windows.

The surprise?

One shopkeeper was holding out and refusing to close shop.
As you can see she is calmly sitting on the stoop while piles of glass and debris are accumulating around her.

My friend, also on her way to school that very day, happened to notice a guy in another shop, door open, calmly laying down for his massage, and the masseuse proceeded to work blissfully unaware of the commotion around them.

This shop pictured below, held on for one more day before cleaning out the remaining drinks, ice cream and cigarettes to move elsewhere.

Two days later, the building was a complete pile of rubble.

Oh yeah, guess I should get a picture of that too.


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