Orphanage Favor


We were excited to hear that our Chinese program director got a call from an orphanage 3 hours away a few days ago.

I have been there, once (https://chopstixplease.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/harrowing-road-trip/).

She was asked if we could find a foster family for a an undernourished 2 year old boy.

And we have!

A young couple who has previously provided respite care for another foster family, and then had their first baby in the spring, are ready to take the plunge.

The boy will be picked up by someone on our team this coming week and placed with the family.

One of the directors at another orphanage that we visit regularly, also called and has a 4 year old girl who has been in foster care, but due to personal circumstances the foster mom is unable to care for her and wishes to place her with our group.

That will probably happen in another week or two, after our director gets back from a trip to Cambodia.

An all-Chinese team that includes several medical and some nonmedical workers is spending about a week in Cambodia serving at orphanages and other rural settings, and they leave tomorrow.

We are working on putting together information for current and future foster parents to help provide guidance both as they look into fostering and especially after they receive a child into their home.

We hope these orphanages sit empty one day!


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