Forget corn stalks, mounds of pumpkins and other images you associate with fall.

Here its’ all about the cabbage.

A few days ago on my morning run I noticed the cabbage truck pull into our highrise courtyard.

And as I ran, I saw 5 or 6 more overflowing trucks sprouting cabbage in all directions.

People were literally running with their carts, or little shopping trolleys, or motorbikes to get into line.

The air was festive, with the farmers excited to finally earn some money, and the city dwellers eagerly anticipating their soon-to-be pickled cabbage that they will enjoy all winter long.

I could also see who had already gotten their stash.

It gets dried out in the public eye.



Leeks too.

Apparently although bike theft is quite common here, your 100 pounds of cabbage and armfuls of leek are safe from prowlers and predators.

Which is quite reassuring.



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