The Door


I had a little incident involving the bathroom door last week.

We’ve heard since we came how the locks here often malfunction, and several of our friends or their young children have  been locked into bathrooms, kitchens, and the like, until the problem is fixed.

But a lock was not the culprit this time.

Unfortunately with the chaos of our daily life I forgot to take pictures, so a detailed description will have to suffice.

I had just finished my Sunday morning shower, and one of the kids called for me.

I started to dash out of the bathroom when my slipper caught under the gap between the threshold and the floor–my foot was totally stuck and I went flying forward.

I tried to brace myself against the partially open door, which promptly gave way, and the next sound was a colossal smashing CRAASSHHH.

When the dust settled, Papa came charging out of the other room to see me on the floor, and most of the bathroom door lying quite a distance down the hall.

Did it fly off its hinges?


Upon closer inspection, in fact,  one lone 2×4 was still attached to the hinges, while the rest of the door had been wrenched apart.

Amazingly, the glass only had one crack and did not smash to smithereens.

And blessedly, the children were all in their bedroom, safe out of harm’s way.

We always have some last minute crisis that seems to prevent us from getting to the Chinese government church on time on Sunday morning.

On this day it was because Papa had to take the rest of the door off the hinges, plus arrange a makeshift door out of 2 thumbtacks (found in our science kit box) and a bedsheet with pink polkadots, all before he got his shower.

We’ll try harder next week.




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  1. In our family one of the kids usually has to go to the bathroom last minute, making us late for c. which is only 1/2 down the road. How can we possibly be late (or barely on time) week after week? Your story is better!

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