Of Turkeys and Tones


Well, in this case it was a ham and 4 rotisserie chickens that the men dashed off on their Giant steeds to obtain the morning of.

We offered to host Thanksgiving for our close circle of friends, and everyone invited several Chinese friends.

Since all our expat friends are in the same boat–i.e. far from family, longing for familiar sounds and smells on big festival days, a number of them started arriving as soon as lunchtime and just hung out for the day.

We started off the day with some wonderful news about a pregnant relative, relayed via Skype.

Way to go R, C and C!

Steaming hot drinks, pumpkin bread, candied peanuts, salsa-n-chips…mmm.

The only thing missing was the Big Football Game where ___ plays ___every year.

I leave it blank because that was actually never a tradition at either my husband or my childhood TV-less homes…

Our guests included language school classmates, tutors, English students, the Man on the Bridge, teachers and more.

We ate around 6 pm, to accomodate for the fact that the pilgrims did not, in fact, reach Asia and so Thanksgiving is just a regular workday here.

Afterwards some of the kids performed a rendition of the Tortoise and the Hare with some grownup help, and a friend gave a little history lesson on the origins of Thanksgiving and how we owe thanks most of all to our Heavenly Father.

The children conked out hither and yon, with our China Surprise staying up way past her little bedtime.

She was too much of a party animal to leave early.

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