And Then There Were Five…


For a weekend.

We harbored a little guy I”ve posted about before, Yuan Bao (formerly known as John Deere), at our house Thanksgiving weekend while his foster parents took a much deserved respite.

So there’s a reason I haven’t been blogging.

He’s just now 12 months, was literally rescued from death by starvation in August or so when we received permission from the orphanage to have him fostered.

He was skin and bones, motionless, with a vacant stare.

Here’s his “pre” picture, as a reminder.

Hungry, deprived, in need of love.

Well he’s sure been getting that for some time now, thanks to an amazing sacrificial family who never dreamed they’d  be fostering an infant during their sojourn in China.

Now he’s actually looking a mite chubby.

Full of smiles, and very curious about the four children who were swarming around him all weekend.

Let me tell you, there was a whole lot of lovin’ going around.

Especially by Lu Ming, our very manly (i.e. he loves Lightning Da Queen)  yet tenderhearted boy.

It more than made up for those moments that you can imagine, such as 2 infants screaming bloody murder (one wondering where on earth he is, the other insanely jealous) and then the 5 year old does a swan dive off the kitchen bench, a tooth that was NOT previously loose goes flying across the floor and now we have 3 wailers simultaneously.

Yuan Bao experienced the hanging of the greens (the plastic version, anyway), lots of hand holding, torture by sibling affection, and all the other things that would never happen in an orphanage setting where children are separated by age, fed via bottle propping, and live on a strict routine.

Thank you, friends, for letting us have the privilege of loving this little guy in our home for 3 short days!


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  1. Thank you both so much for your open, loving hearts. It is so beautiful to see the impact you are having in those kids’ lives. We are praying for you as we approach this Christmas season.

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