Happy New Year 2011


The year ended with a flurry and began with a fury, so I will try to catch you up on things.

The most important thing on my mind is the orphanage we visited last week, about 4 hours away.

They have limited water, limited caregivers, limited food, medical care, and no affection.

Through favor gained from previously fostering from this place, our Chinese director was successfully able to ask for 3 of the most critical children to be fostered to families in our city who will be picked up on Thursday.

I will go into more details later, but today I’ll start with some photos.

M, 4 yrs old, was fostered and then adopted from this very orphanage about 3 years ago.  On this day he came for a visit with his parents to greet the orphanage director and staff who helped with his adoption.  I wonder what is going through his little mind as he interacts with all these children, if he has distant memories of his own past.  I do know he is in a wonderful family, loved by many and has much more love to give.


H, 6, was also fostered and adopted by the same family, from a different orphanage, before M came along.  She also was very intrigued by this trip and has been asking a lot of questions.

Now this same family is preparing to foster WY, in the above picture, who is 3 years old and recently had heart surgery.  She is one of the three children who will be picked up by our team and the foster parents on Thursday.   One of H and M’s older siblings who is 8 and loves animals with all her heart, has already given up her money that she was saving for a hamster to use for WY in case she needs another surgery.

If that isn’t sacrificial giving, I don’t know what is.


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  1. Hello all and happy 2011 to you, as well! Thank you for the pictures and reports on the status of these children. You are in my thoughts every day; you yourselves and your work. Thank you for your selfless example of how to be servants of all. I hold you all in my heart, 24/7. Love, Cathy

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