Rescue Mission


Back to this orphanage I mentioned the other day.

I visited in 2008 when we came to China for a few days, and remarkably remember some of the children as well as some of the caregivers from that time.

Our group got the call recently that the situation is dire.

It has been dire for a while.

Last year they apparently had no running water for months and months, and so were restricting the children’s intake so they would not have very much to put out (i.e. fewer changing of cloths that replace diapers) .

Due to complicated management and administration issues, there is very little oversight and the caregivers decide how much care to give to these children in stark cribs, devoid of toys, full bellies and warm embraces.

A lone volunteer gets into trouble for buying the children food from her already meager salary and gets blamed for extra bowel movements.

Several malnourished children died in the recent past, and the volunteer said things are getting desperate.

Thanks to an already established relationship with this orphanage, where our team has visited intermittently, some children have been successfully fostered away from death and some have been adopted into families.

An emergent assessment trip was scheduled for last week, and we found at least 8 children who were urgently in need of a better situation.

The director gave our team permission to foster 3 of them, with the scheduled pick up occurring tomorrow.

The last few days have been a flurry of emails, phone calls, text messages as the right families are connected with the right child for them.

Filling bags of clothing and diapers.

We are thrilled to be able to pick up three children tomorrow and take them home.


Can you imagine being 3 years old and never having had a home?

Well for 2 little 3 year old girls and a 9 month old, starting tomorrow, home will be a place other than an empty room with white walls and unseeing hands.

We are eternally thankful for our new foster families.

We are also praying that the vision will spread.

That as more children come out of some dark corners, more families will embrace these young starving souls into their hearts and lives.


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