Still Away


I  am still mostly on a media hiatus during our 3 week trip that includes a family vacation on the shore (aahhh, refreshing), a medical conference put on by CMDA with hundreds of doctors and nurses working all over Asia (stimulating and energizing) and also includes a high quality camp-like atmosphere for the kids, and at the end a couple days of a marriage conference.

All of this in 60-90 degree weather in the tropics.


Here is the bus without a back door we rode from the airport to our conference center.


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  1. I am so glad you have had this time to enjoy warmth and some R & R as well as the conference. Love to all with many hugs! Cathy

  2. Hi! Miss you all!

    Kira is patiently waiting for the kids to come back for the summer… everyone wants to meet Lydia…we all think that Wassie will be SO BIG!!!

    Right now it’s a snow day from school…Kira is stretching all of my scarves down the stairs and setting up her dolls and stuffed animals for some kind of meeting.

    She saw me typing this and said, “Sophia will LOVE how I play!”

    Looking forward to a grand reunion.

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