Adventures on Monkey Island


We had a delightful escape from the arctic tundra for about 3 weeks during our school holidays with a well-timed trip to Thailand.

Oh, land of palm trees, coconut milk, curries, and….monkeys.

Our first few days were spent in pure vacation mode, and the children really enjoyed staying at a place where they could swim as much as they wanted.

We did take one child-friendly outing in a boat to Monkey Island, where you feed the monkeys bananas and they jump on your backs.

We took the adventure one step further, of course.

After all the cute little baby monkeys had been fed, and the old grampa monkeys had their fill too, our boat captain said we could bend down and let the monkeys climb on our backs.

Somewhat naively we let the kids do that, which was a great thrill.

Then our oldest (Ya hui) let out a yell and began to cry.

I turned to see one of the grouchy grandpas finish biting her leg, and number 2 (Meng yuan) started to cry that a monkey had hurt her.

We hurried back onto the boat and finished our tour of the island, noting that Ya hui had a little puncture lesion on her leg, and Meng yuan had some scratches.

Oh great.

We had all received the rabies vaccine a few months ago, but after Pappa read up on the facts we decided they needed to go get booster shots.

So Pappa took the girls on a little trip to the hospital half an hour away, where they calmly administered the vaccine and doled out some antibiotics.

The girls were not so thrilled about going back 3 days later for booster #2, but it was ameliorated by a special pizza lunch.

We arrived at our medical conference the next day and heard from one of the infectious disease specialists  about another monkeyvirus they were at risk for, so they got yet another antiviral medicine to take for another 10 days.

I tell you those girls were fantastic pill-takers!
We do continue to pray that there will be no long term problems related to those silly monkeys, realizing that our children are all in God’s hands even as we do the best we can to care for them.


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  1. So glad you had a good time sorry it ended not so fun and will pray there are only lasting good memories of this trip. So many new experiences. Glad you have had some down time with the family. Love to all.
    XO Rick and Melanie

  2. Sorry about the grumpy monkeys but glad you had a good time, for the most part and safe travels. Got you covered for all you goings on and sure looking forward to June! Take care. You are in my thoughts 24/7. Love and hugs. Cathy C.

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