If You’re a Foodie…


Read and drool.

One of my favorite adult times during our break in the warmer climes was a Thai cooking class.


I decided I needed to pay attention to my female, nurturing side, and attended the spouses’ events at the medical conference when they met that need…this event sure qualified.

To top it off, all of my absolute favorites from my U.S. experience with Thai food were menu options, so I picked them all.

Pad Thai.  Check.

Coconut chicken soup.  Check.

Red curry.   Triple check, check, check.

Spring rolls or sticky rice with mangoes.  Which one to pick?

I almost tore a few synapses trying to decide.

I went for the spring rolls, to learn the technique (still need more practice, judging from the pix).

I just relived the menu tonight with a Thai evening with friends, where we practiced our newly acquired skills.

I’m so stuffed I can barely sit up to type.

So I’ll stop here and prepare mentally for my extra long, extra hard Saturday morning run in the morning.


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  1. Love the aprons, girls! Y’all are so cute. The food looks great. I love it, Eva, that you can choose to do the spouse events. Be good to yourself! Does Brian ever go to spouse events at conferences?

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