Baby Talk


She said her first Chinese word yesterday!

And it was only her third word in her short little life, after Mama and Hi.

She yelled out “Zai Jian!” 再见, (good bye) accompanied by a little princess style wave, when our beloved language teacher left the house.

We all clapped and cheered of course, but could not get her to repeat it.

She was more interested in her apples after that.


So now we have a 15 month old tornado tearing through the house, rummaging through shelves, drawers, cabinets…

I have found a cupful of flour in my vegetable basket, silverware duly licked and scattered around the dining room, socks and undies strewn all over the bedroom, canned food in our shoes, Dora dominoes and Princess Monopoly pieces flung across the toyroom, and her current favorite:  casting anchor and playing peek-a-boo with the couch cushions.

She’s fast I tell ya.


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  1. Love the pictures and your commentary! She is adorable! Love those toddler days. Thanks for keeping us up with how fast all the kids are growing and changing. Counting the days! Love, Cathy

  2. I loved my toddlers, but do NOT miss the constant tornado. Faith just stopped being the tornado just last year (she’s 6) She’s such a crafty girl that messes follow her.

    Those toddlers can really make you laugh though, especially when you find canned food in your shoes. 🙂

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